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Work better in less time by using EXTREMELY clear communication πŸš€

For driven business leaders and their teams

Learn how to make your message VISUAL so everybody instantly UNDERSTANDS what you mean.

There is a HUGE gap between logical thinking (words) and thinking in images (visuals).
We have developed a unique METHOD that bridges that gap.

Exco Method

The Extremely Clear Communication Method (Exco for short) uses pen & paperΒ and simple yet powerful communication techniques.Β 

By using structure & simple drawings you can:
πŸ‘‰ Cut through endless presentations and get to the ESSENCE fast
πŸ‘‰ Stop endless DISCUSSIONS with a single simple intervention
πŸ‘‰ Present your own plan in a structured and visual way so everybody instantly UNDERSTANDS

Where to APPLY this?

Whenever you create a new way forward, involving others.
Practical examples:

Digital TransitionΒ 

Strategy session

Project Update

Client Intake


Time ⏰  7 week training. Every week a 1-hour live training session.
10 hours total.

Course content πŸŽ₯ 7 Modules of short videos and downloadable pdf's.
[Unlimited, life long access]

Money πŸ’° $997 excluding VAT for each team member.
[Optional] upgrade to Director's Cut 🎬 - FAST track for the director/business leader
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"Unconventional training with extraordinary results"


Bas van den Berg -Β Chief Learning Ecologist of Mission Zero at The Hague University of Applied Sciences

β€œWhat worked for me is not the communication with others, but the communication with myself, my own thoughts. I can structure my own thoughts and work more effectively.”

Chris de Vries - Digitalization advisor at Itannex

'I send in my visual overview to the board of directors. I was under time pressure and thought 'I have to send in SOMETHING. I just didn't have a choice.' I wasn't happy with what I'd made. Yet the director's reaction was so POSITIVE, they were so IMPRESSED, that I realized: The visual is clear. It doesn't need to be pretty. That was a real eye-opener to me.'

Your Trainer

Hi! I am Jefta Bade, for the last 10 years I helped board rooms visualize their mission/ vision/strategy.

I found out that with a few simple communications on brown paper a team could bring their excitement and performance to a whole new level.Β 

I ❀️ kind of growth. πŸš€

Into nerd stuff and moving from the Netherlands to New Zealand, because it's great for us and our 3 kids.

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High Five! πŸ– Β 

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